"As a student in 10th grade, I do realise that the next three years are critical in my school education. I shifted from IGCSE to IB two years ago. Ever since then, I have received a great deal of support and ‘handholding’ from all the teachers and supervisors. The ambiance of the school is extremely pleasing to me, especially since it is not located in a very busy or noisy area! It permits students to focus during school hours. Not only does Indus have a solid academic structure, but it also ensures the well-being of students by providing them with nutritious meals along with morning, and evening snacks. Indus students have access to a variety of sports, which encourages resilience and good sportsmanship, allowing Indus athletes to maximize their potential. Indus has provided me a lot of reinforcement in the projects I take part in and also provides a great audience for the development of their profiles"

Manal Mohammad Shamsuddin of Grade 10

"My daughter joined IISH in grade 11. My experience from Day 1 has been very positive. Everyone was so supportive - right from the admissions team to the teachers, and even the transport and accounting team. Whenever I’ve had a query of any kind, the response was immediate. My daughter has thrived in an environment where the teachers have shown individual attention and pushed her to fulfil her potential. The IBDP program is rigorous, and it can get stressful at times for the students but that is balanced by supportive and understanding teachers. In my interactions with the teachers, I was impressed by how well they understood my daughter and knew how to guide her. My daughter is vocal and likes to speak up and she has always been encouraged to do so. This has really helped strengthen her self-image. In a nutshell, IISH has very experienced and approachable teachers, a supportive management, and offers a well-rounded school life with plenty of opportunities to shine. The campus is beautiful too! I’m glad we chose well."

Chandrika Kanumuri, mother of Mohini Kanumuri of Grade 12

"As an Indus parent for 15 years, I have seen my boys grow and blossom into their independent wonderful selves along with the school. It has been second home for them and I have always felt the team at Indus as an extended family – warm, personal, involved and encouraging. Indus has consistently raised the bar to groom the kids into future ready leaders, capable of handling the dynamic world outside."

Kinjal Darod, mother of Arya Darod of Grade 12

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all about how I have come out of my shell and realized my strengths and weaknesses after coming to IISH. I joined Indus in 11th grade and was from a CBSE background. To my surprise, I got used to the new curriculum with the help of the amazing and supportive teachers that this institution has to offer. They are always ready to help you and guide your journey in this school. The open-door policy of Indus is something that I really admire as we can voice out our concerns. The whole IISH staff is very dedicated as they were there to guide me from day 1 and in fact even during the admission process. Therefore, Indus was the best school I had ever been to. It can really transform you as a person and as a student "

Fahmida Zahin of Grade 12