Startup School


StartupYou is the first of its kind within the K-12 education program focusing on developing competencies and enabling students to become Future Ready! It is completely an online program where students of Grades 7 to 12 pursue a twinning/dual program, committing to 3 hours a week for their development.

Students collaborate in teams to develop competencies in the following avenues:

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Business

The curriculum aims at guiding students to become Life Entrepreneurs – where they will create a vision for themselves, cope with and manage failures, think to innovate and make a change for themselves and others.

A unique feature at StartupYou is the mentor support that students receive from Industry experts, opportunities for Virtual Internships, solving problems through design thinking projects and understanding of the Start-up ecosystem through business idea competitions. StartupYou highlights the change in thinking in 21stcentury education and its importance in unlocking the potential of a student.