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IISH stands at the forefront of educational excellence, with a distinguished faculty of IB World Examiners, an exclusive Innovation and Leadership Curriculum, top-tier sports facilities, and a stunningly lush green campus, setting the standard in the state.

IB Curriculum​

IB At Indus International School Hyderabad

Indus stands out as a top-tier International Baccalaureate school in Hyderabad, providing a comprehensive education for students aged 3 to 19. With IB programs such as PYP, MYP, DP, and CP, the school aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to make a positive impact on the world.

At Indus, we follow the International Baccalaureate rules and go through a comprehensive assessment and authorization process to ensure that the schoolhouses have all the amenities.Indus International School, one of the best IB schools in Hyderabad, envisions a world that is multicultural and one where diversity is the trademark.

Some of the most popular IB subjects are Psychology, History, Global Politics, Economics, Philosophy, Social & Cultural Anthropology, and World Religion.

Reasons to Choose Indus International School

You certainly would want the best education for your child, and you have come to the right place at Indus International School in Hyderabad. Known to be the top IB school in Hyderabad that helps you uncover your child’s potential and also build their competencies to face the world, Indus International School is the best bet for your child’s bright future.

The school ensures that your child’s learning experience is highly personalised and that it aids to nurture their natural curiosity about their surroundings. Indus International School, Hyderabad has an Innovation Curriculum in place which hones every child’s skills to be future leaders. With the noble vision to create life entrepreneurs through holistic education and lifelong learning, the school has a Leadership School to instil the responsibilities that come along with the role.


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Programs our Curriculum Include

Our IB curriculum offers subjects and programs that cater to the academic needs of students from age 3 to 19. These programs are designed with the goal of nurturing a curiosity and a critical mind.
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Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The PYP develops caring and culturally aware children aged 3-12 to become active participants in their own learning. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) is a curriculum, a philosophy, and a methodology for young learners between Reception and Grade V. In this program, emphasis is placed on trans-disciplinary and inquiry-based learning.

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Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Building a solid academic foundation, the MYP develops students’ confidence in managing their own learning and making connections between their learning in the classroom and the real world. The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) is designed for students between Grades VI and X. The student's intellectual, aesthetic, physical and social development through interdisciplinary learning is the focus of this programme.

Age range11-16 years

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Diploma Programme (DP)

A future-ready programme that builds students’ inquiring mind-set, fosters their desire to learn, and prepares them to excel at their careers and lead meaningful lives. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) is a 2-year course for Grade XI and Grade XII. The programme fulfils the requirements of a national curriculum through interdisciplinary learning by developing international awareness and understanding. The IB Diploma is a pre-university qualification recognised by the Association of Indian Universities and international institutions.

Age range16-19 years

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IB Career-related Programme (IB CP)

Indus International is one of the very few IB schools in Hyderabad who offers International Baccalaureate® (IB) Career-related Programme (CP)  which is a framework of international education that incorporates the vision and educational principles of the IB into a unique programme specifically developed for students who wish to engage in career-related learning. A unique programme for students in their final school years. It equips them with future-ready skills and prepares them to follow their career pathways-combining academic subjects with their own professional interests.

Age range:16-19 years

How do you become a student of IISH?

Students from all backgrounds are welcome to IISH who are willing to take on the IB curriculum and foster academic excellence with an intellectual curiosity. Here you will be motivated to take on challenges head on and learn more about the skills that can help you in a fast-paced world.

The school does not discriminate between race, creed, color, gender or national origin. We do, however, limit the number of students based on our capacity to provide required learning support individually.

Admission Procedure

Indus is an all-inclusive school. All students are eligible for admission based on merit, availability of seats and an admission test.

Admission Deadlines

While most students join school at the beginning of every academic year, we understand that some may not be able to do so. Based on the availability of seats, we are happy to admit students throughout the year.

Best IB School in Hyderabad​

Impact of IB on academia

Widely known for its academic rigour and focus on the development of cognitive skills with the help of critical thinking, research and communication, the IB curriculum prepares the students for the world. The students of the IB curriculum are more likely to get accepted at well-known universities around the world. Moreover, the focus of the IB curriculum on communication and a global understanding helps the students navigate through a world that is diverse and multiculturally interconnected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indus is an IB World School and we provide all three IB programmes - Primary, Middle, and Diploma - to students ranging in age from 3 to 18. Indus International School Hyderabad offers a holistic education and academic excellence, encouraging students to become lifelong learners who seek experiential and transformative knowledge.

When choosing an IB school in Hyderabad, consider the following factors:

  1. Accreditation: Check for the official accreditation of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).
  2. Curriculum: Look for the IB programs that the school is offering and choose them according to your child’s interests and needs. 
  3. Faculty: Look for a faculty that is experienced and passionate about the IB curriculum and teaching them.   
  4. Class Size and Student Support: A school with a small class size has a greater ratio of teachers with a strong focus on personalised learning. 
  5. Facilities and Resources: Classrooms that are modern with labs that are well-equipped and a learning that supports the students in their academic journey. 
  6. School Culture: Choose a school that has a positive and inclusive culture. 

Indus International School, Hyderabad, is an expert in all these areas. To know more about why Indus is the best place for your child to thrive you can explore our website or contact the admissions office. 

The IB curriculum offers several key advantages compared to traditional curricula:

  1. Focus on Critical Thinking: The IB curriculum helps students think critically and analyse the information that they consume, which develops their cognitive mind. 
  2. Global Perspective: The IB curriculum fosters a global perspective, encouraging students to understand and appreciate diverse cultures and viewpoints.
  3. Holistic Approach: The IB curriculum goes beyond traditional academics, integrating personal development, creativity, and real-world experiences into the learning process.
  4. Interdisciplinary Learning: The IB curriculum encourages students to connect knowledge across different subjects, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around them.
  5. University Preparation: The IB Diploma Programme is recognized by top universities worldwide, preparing students for academic success at the college level.

Indus International School, Hyderabad, is proud to offer the full continuum of IB programs:

  1. Primary Years Programme (PYP) (Age 3-12): This program fosters a love of learning and develops critical thinking, communication, and social-emotional skills in young children.
  2. Middle Years Programme (MYP) (Age 11-16): Building upon the PYP foundation, the MYP emphasises interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, and real-world application, preparing students for the demands of higher education.
  3. Diploma Programme (DP) (Age 16-19): This rigorous pre-university program offers a broad range of subjects and prepares students for success at top universities worldwide.
  4. Career-related Programme (CP) (Age 16-19): This unique program combines a strong academic foundation with career-focused learning, equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their chosen field.
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